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Review: Longshot

A film starring Britney, *N Sync, O-Town and Justin Timberlake's mother? How could I resist! Longshot is quite famous for being the unsurprisingly failed attempt by Lou Pearlman to move into movies, and after reading the cast list on IMDB and finding a brand new copy for less than £3 on Amazon Used & New, I had to make a purchase. So, a few days later my copy of Longshot arrived, I set my DVD player to multi-region, printed off the cast list and pressed play.

The film begins with some of the worst acting I've ever seen by reality TV boyband O-Town. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or if they really cannot act (Erik has no excuse, his father being a 70s TV star), but it's equal parts amusing and frightening to watch. After some embarrassing joking around, the actual film finally begins. The main storyline focusses on two basketball playing (hence the title) brothers, who are played by unknown actors. It's a very bizarre story involving the older brother suddenly finding himself on a spying mission and at one point it seems that the younger brother has fallen in love with an 80 year old woman.

Cameos include Justin Timberake as a valet parker, Britney as an air hostess (perhaps the inspiration for the Toxic video) and Devin from LFO as a Chippendale stripper! And it's not just 90s popstars who make appearances, as everyone from The Rock to Art Garfunkel is involved somehow. At times the film is quite knowing, with in-jokes such as Justin mocking an *N Sync song and Lance saying the plane is "out of sync". I guess the idea was to create an American answer to Spice World and although they clearly weren't successful in the sense that hardly anyone has seen this film, it is no less worth seeing because it really is one of the most hilarious films I have seen in a long time, and if you were a fan of the acts who star in the film then you will certainly love it.