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Review: John Tucker Must Die

I missed this at the cinema so when I found it online I didn't hesitate, and within moments of the film beginning I was hooked. There's nothing particularly original or clever in John Tucker Must Die, but it reminded me of some of the best teen films I've seen and I'd say it's just as good as them too. The storyline echoes Mean Girls (nice girl joins popular girls, bringing down the most popular person in school) and Bring It On (presence of cheerleaders and adorable geeky brother), and in style it harks back to 10 Things I Hate About You, Saved, She's All That, Get Over It - all the greats!

It's both fun and funny, generally having a nice feel-good vibe - even when things go wrong it's not at all depressing. The film is also accompanied by one of the best soundtracks I've heard in ages - Stefy, All American Rejects, Click 5 and the Caesars are among the ace acts popping up in the film and making it even more jolly. John Tucker Must Die is really just like an extended episode of One Tree Hill completely made up of the fun, silly bits, none of the evil dads or dying mums, and with pop music instead of indie/emo.

I'm sure John Tucker Must Die won't win any awards for quality film-making but for its target audience of young teenagers it's brilliant and since I have the taste and mentality of a 12 year old, it's great for me too. If you're looking for something light and silly, you could do much worse than find a copy of this.