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Trailer: In The Land Of Women

I was obsessed with Seth on The OC for the first series and a half, but one day I suddenly switched alliances to Ryan and I haven't looked back since. Still, I'm interested in what all of the cast members do next (except Misha Barton, who is rubbish) so I'll probably go and see this new movie starring Adam Brody as a young man torn between two neighbours of his dying grandmother's, who happen to be mother and daughter. It looks really cheesy and the trailer seems to give away pretty much the whole story, but for us OC die-hards it might be worth a watch. Adam is also in a film called The Ten which co-stars Paul Rudd, who I was quite obsessed with in the days of Clueless and Romeo And Juliet, so I think I'll be seeing that no matter what it's about! Probably won't be catching Smiley Face, however, but the trailer's worth watching to see Adam with dreadlocks!