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Review: The Devil Wears Prada

There are loads of great films coming out at the moment (Stick It, The Last Kiss, The History Boys and Starter For Ten are just a few of those I'm desperate to see) but it was this one that my ace new international student pals and myself chose to see today. It was a safe choice as all our friends who'd seen it loved it and we'd all heard several other positive reviews, and this was really reflected in the film. It was entirely inoffensive but not in a bland way, just jolly in a mainstream, non-quirky but nonetheless very enjoyable way.

One problem I did have with the film was the idea that Andie (played by Anne Hathaway) was actually that unfashionable in the first place - she dressed better than most people I know and this is England, where people have way better fashion sense than America (it's a fact and can't be denied, Americans just don't 'get' fashion). But I guess the film isn't supposed to be hugely realistic, and it is a bit more believable than Anne's last successful film, The Princess Diaries. She is certainly less annoying in it, and Meryl Streep is pretty good channeling Cruella DeVil as the fashion magazine editor.

Overall, I did like this film and there were some really jolly parts, but it was quite predictable and I didn't fall in love with any of the characters. Adrian Grenier is a buff hottie and I liked Andie's style when she had her makeover, but apart from that I wasn't bowled over. It's still a nice way to spend an afternoon seeing this film, and if you want something that will satisfy a group of girls or boys in touch with their feminine side, then this is the perfect answer.