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  • Following the successes of Garden State and The Last Kiss, Zach Braff has a new romantic comedy coming out this summer. It's called The Ex and his co-stars include Amanda Peet and Mia Farrow, but this time Zach was not on directing duty. For that we wait til 2008 and his remake of the Danish film Open Hearts.
  • Two of my favourite European actors, Julie Delpy and Daniel Bruhl, are to co-star in a new film directed by Miss Delpy herself. It's called Deux jours à Paris, and Daniel plays Lukas, an ex-boyfriend of Julie's character Marion. It looks like it's going to be quite similar to her Before Sunset/Sunrise films, so should be worth seeing. But where is Daniel in the trailer?
  • Ali Larter is great as Niki/Jessica in Heroes, but her new 'caveman comedy' Homo Erectus looks completely terrible. Personally I'm looking forward to the show's buffest hottie Santiago Cabrera (Isaac Mendez) branching out onto the big screen, so he can play a less annoying character and I can worship him freely!